So I have a lot of photos that I love and want to share but… well i’m trying to wait for my website. Now i’ve designed the whole thing i’m just working with a programmer now to get it all together. I don’t want to post the photos i’ve done until then. 

I’ve been messing around a lot with studio lights and trying to get comfortable with them. So basically for the last three weekends i’ve been doing shoots for my MCMS project and trying to fit in another 3 photoshoots in addition to that. Its worked out pretty cool and i’m understanding things a lot better. 

These photos are from a day I was chilling with Nadia. I’ve wanted to do some photos with my boys on the tracks, i got this concept in my head already, but I didn’t know where any were so we checked out the ones behind the old remix and took some photos. 

I got some vertical shots too but I don’t like how tumblr makes them small when they are put together with horizontal shots. 

Nadia -